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I'm catsitting at my friend's place and she has some *great* cat-specific decoration. ;)

Buddy here was watching me work earlier from his perch. Seriously considering getting one of these for my kitties back home...

It's that time again...
- Bastion

A bastion is "a place or system in which something continues to survive."

// The university is a bastion of academic excellence.

It's that time again...
- Furtive

Furtive means "done in a quiet and secret way to avoid being noticed." It can also mean "sly."

// He cast a furtive glance in our direction.

It's that time again...
- Largesse

Largesse refers to the act of generously giving money or to the money given. It can also mean "generosity."

// The families who lost their houses in the fire sincerely appreciated the largesse shown by the people from their community.

// The local business owner is a philanthropist known for his largesse.

It's that time again...
- Limerick

A limerick is a humorous rhyming poem of five lines.

// The students were asked to compose limericks to help them learn about poetry's use of meter and rhyme.

It's that time again...
- Gregarious

Gregarious means "tending to associate with others of one's kind" and "enjoying or tending to enjoy the company of others," which makes it synonymous with social and sociable.

//The documentary is filmed inside the burrows of the gregarious prairie dogs.

//The new hire is quite outgoing and gregarious.

So Twitter have a added a downvote option after YouTube got rid the dislikes on their platform. The thing is, the downvotes are hidden so it's just as useless as YouTube's dislike button now.

My mum got attacked last night for no reason at all. They didn't try to rob her or anything. How much of a useless pathetic lowlife do you have to be to attack a disabled person (my mum is disabled).

It's midnight in the UK, I am off to bed now, NightπŸŒƒ


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